Finally Organic Boutique Fine Wine* 

Grown, handled and aged according to ancient tradition

*All wines made from organic grapes. Certified organic wines from the 2020 vintage.


Organic grapes and preservation of traditional winemaking are our raison d’etre.  From rich natural earth, with no pesticides, we preserve the ancient tradition of organic wine- making that started in this very region over 2000 years ago.


Strict quality control and endless spot-checks help us work in harmony with nature. Our constant study of natural processes enables us to  consistently produce quality organic  wines  despite the  dynamic challenges of our growing environment.  

Visitor’s Center

Our Visitor’s Center is open to groups and individuals by appointment only. We are located in Karmei Yosef, whose topography is one of the best for growing grapes in the region. Our vineyards serve as a breathtaking background for unforgettable events with full catering services among the vines and under the stars.

Private Tours & Tastings

We also offer the unique opportunity to  see the entire organic winemaking process, from the vineyards to our au chateau winery and climate-controlled wine cellar.The experience includes a gourmet meal and tasting of some of our choice vintages.

Amos quote in Hebrew and English

About Amos Wineries

Moshe Elul anMichel Metzger arcousins who shared a dream – to recreate thancienarof organic winemakinin the Holy Land.


That dream was realized in 2008 when Moshe bought his first vineyard in the prestigious KarmeYosewinemaking region. At the same time, Michel opened AmoWineries in the city of Tekoa wherwine was made for service in the Holy Temple over two thousand years ago.


In 2015 the two cousinjoined forces ancreated Elul Organic Wine which resulted in the realization of their dream – producing the first organically certified Kosher fine wine in Israel.


Elul Organic Wines and Amos Wineries pride themselves on usinwide varietof grapes from all over the world. Thereby providing a unique blend of winethat symbolize the unifyinof differencultures through the ancient art of winemaking.

Michel and Moshe in the vineyard